6 Ways to Style Curly Hair

Way to Style Curly Hair

Way to Style Curly Hair

For some people, having curly hair means less styling options, but not anymore. From wearing it natural, with lots of volume, to pulling it up in a faux bob, having curly hair is no longer a styling impediment.

Going Au Natural

Have naturally curly hair? Then why not own it and flaunt those luscious locks. Play up your curls by going big. This style is really effortless. After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair, give it a little extra boost with a lightweight leave-in conditioner. Comb it through your hair with a wide-tooth comb and let you hair air dry. Try not to touch it too much as this will create more frizz. If you are in an especially humid climate, you can add a touch of styling spray designed to ease frizz.

Shakira with Natural Curly Hair


Thandi Newton with Natural Curly Hair

Thandi Newton

Half-Up, Half Down

Show of your curls and your beautiful face with the half-up half down look. You can keep the updo part of this style smooth and slick, or you can keep it wavy. It really just depends on how you want to wear it. To create this look, just pull up the sides and front of your hair and secure with a barrette, hair clip, elastic or bobby pins. Add some hair spray to keep fly-aways at bay. If you want your updo to be sleeker, spray your hair with a heat protectant spray and then use a flat iron or hair dryer and round brush to smooth out the sides before securing them up in place.

Curly Hair Half-Up Half-Down


Carrie Underwood with Curly Hair Half-Up Half-Down

Carrie Underwood

The Loose Bun

One of the most popular looks today is the loose bun. This wavy do is perfect for any event and is easy to create especially if you have curly hair. After drying your hair, as you normally would, loosely pull it back into a bun and then secure with bobby pins. You can also add a glittery hair clip or pin for an added touch of sparkle.

Jennifer Lawrence with a Curly Loose Bun

Jennifer Lawrence

Vanessa Hudgens with a Curly Loose Bun

Vanessa Hudgens

The Faux Bob

For a fun change of pace, why not try the faux bob. It’s easy to style and quite glamorous. To create the appearance of having a curly bobbed do, secure your hair in a low ponytail. Then roll your hair under and secure the pieces with bobby pins. Finish the look off by carefully pulling on the hair until it has a bob shape.

Lea Michele with a Curly Faux Bob

Lea Michele

Rosario Dawson with a Curly Faux Bob

Rosario Dawson

A Side Cascade of Curls

For a more retro-glam inspired style, try the side sweep or over-the-shoulder look. Start by creating large curls and then pulling them all to one side. You can use styling spray to keep them in place, or pin them over with hairpins. If you have bangs or shorter pieces, you opt to pin the hair in the opposite direction to frame your face on both sides.

Taylor Swift with a Side Cascade of Curls

Taylor Swift

Kerry Washington with a Side Cascade of Curls

Kerry Washington

Big Voluminous Curls

When you have curly hair it isn’t always easy to embrace volume, but sometimes you just have to appreciate big beautiful curls. To achieve this look, without the frizz, apply a volume-boosting product to the roots of your damp hair. You can let your hair air-dry or use a diffuser. Once your hair is completely dry, use a comb to tease your roots for even more lift. You can also use a small curling iron to create spirals for added volume. Finish the look with a blast of extra hold hairspray.

Beyonce with Big Voluminous Curls


Selena Gomez with Big Voluminous Curls

Selena Gomez

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