How to Apply Eyeshadow

How To Apply Eyeshadow

How To Apply Eyeshadow


Great eye makeup can make or break your look. Apply too much or use the wrong colors and you can end up attracting the wrong kind of attention to your eyes. But when applied like a pro, your can create eyes that are truly stunning. In this tutorial, I share a few eyeshadow application secrets I wished I knew 10 years ago.

Choosing Your Eyeshadow


Eyeshadows come in a variety of colors and consistencies, from powder to cream. The choice of color is really more a personal decision, but as long as you stay on trend, you can’t go wrong. Experimenting with color is actually one of the best things about eyeshadow. One day you can rock a smokey eye and the next you can choose something more natural and classic.

Not sure what color to choose, start with your eye color. Certain colors can really play up your natural eye color. Purple or berry tones work great with green eyes, while almost any color will work on brown eyes, though green is a definite favorite. For blues eyes, choose an icy blue color or gold hue. Jewel tones also work great on baby blues.

When it comes to choosing a type of eyeshadow, personal choice also plays a role. Most eyeshadows come in powder form, but some are available in cream form. The cream tends to be thicker and therefore application produces a richer color saturation.

Basic Eyeshadow Application


Step 1.

One of the latest and greatest products to come to eye makeup is the primer. Eyeshadow primer helps lock n your eye makeup for hours and can also eliminate the appearance of the dreaded crease line that shows up as the day wears on. After applying your eyeshadow primer, you can apply a neutral eyeshadow as a base. This will also help to maintain your look throughout the day or night.
Applying Eyeshadow Step 1
Step 2.

Next, apply your eyeliner. You can use a liquid, gel or eye pencil, or as alternative, you can also use eyeshadow applied with a slightly wet liner brush. No matter which option you choose, always start with the upper part of eye first, and then apply to the lower eye. Then use your finger or cotton swab to smudge the line just a bit.
Applying Eyeshadow Step 2

Now you are ready to apply your eyeshadow. The keys to the creating the perfect look are to have the right brushes and to always be blending. For eyeshadow application done right you need a flat stiff brush, which works great on the lid. A pencil brush is ideal for application under the eye or for adding intense color to the outer part of your eye or to the crease. The other two brushes you need are a soft dome and a stiff dome. They are both great for blending and helping to feather out your shadow or decreasing harsh lines.


Step 3.

There a lot of looks you can create with eyeshadow, but it is best to master the simple application first. If you haven’t already done so, apply a neutral shade across your entire lid. You can go with a darker shade for a more dramatic eye or use a shimmer shadow for a bit of pop. Just be sure to not go overboard with either.
Applying Eyeshadow Step 3
Step 4.

Next, apply a dark shade of eyeshadow from the inside of the eye and blend it out to the crease of your eye. Check to make sure both eyes match and blend where needed.
Applying Eyeshadow Step 4
Step 5.

You can choose to stop at this step or add a bit more color or highlight. To do so, take a lighter shade of shadow and blend it just above the crease of your eyes.
Applying Eyeshadow Step 5

Another cool effect that help to opening up your eye is to add a touch of eyeshadow to the inside corner. Press your finger, cotton swab or small domed brush into the lightest shade of shadow you have and then apply it to the corner of your eye.
Applying Eyeshadow Step 6

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