What are the best hair colors for fair skin?

Best hair color for fair skin

Best hair color for fair skin


Question: What are the best hair colors for fair skin?
When it comes to hair color and fair skin, almost anything goes. The best way to determine which shade is right for you is to look at the veins on your wrists. If they are blue, then choose hair color with cool undertones. If your veins are green, a color with warm undertones is ideal. Not sure what color your veins are, then opt for a neutral color.

It is also important to keep in mind that if your skin has more pink in it, then you should try stay away from golden blondes or warm reds. Red and blonde are some of the most versatile colors for fair skin, and offer a variety of shades. If you are considering going red, opt for a shade in ginger or go bright with a purple-red. For blonde, choose a lighter shade, like an ashy blonde, unless your undertone is neutral, then any shade will work. Also, for extremely fair skin, don’t go to dark or you will end up looking washed out or older.

Another way to determine the right hair color for your fair skin is to look at our eye color. Cooler tones, such as gold or ash, work well with blue or grey eyes, while warmer tones, such as red, gold and auburn, work well with brown, green and hazel eye color.

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