How To Blow Dry Hair For Volume

How to Blow Dry Hair for Volume

How to Blow Dry Hair for Volume

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Step 1.

Drying Preparation

For the best rests wash and condition your hair with a volumizing formula. Towel dry with a gentle blotting motion and then add a heat protectant to your hair. Now, with your fingers, work a volumizing product into the roots and then down to the ends of the hair.


Step 2.

Began Drying Your Roots

Attach a diffuser to your dryer and put it on a medium heat and speed setting. Then bend over to dry the roots of your hair upside down while tousling and scrunching with your fingers. For an added boost of body, massage your scalp in small circular motions, clockwise then counter clockwise.


Step 3.

Continue Drying

Replace the diffuser attachment with a concentrator nozzle. Stand upright and section and clip the crown of your hair up. Now select a piece of hair from the lower section and place a large barreled round brush (2 1/2 – 3″) under it near your scalp. Then blow dry the hair just above the brush as you rotate it away from your head and slowly run the brush down the strand of hair. Continue drying your hair one strand at a time until the lower section is completely dry. Then repeat with the top section. For extra volume, over direct the hair by pulling and drying it in the opposite direction from where it will ultimately fall.


Blow Drying Hair for Volume


Step 4.

Finish The Style

Lastly apply a lightweight hairspray to your hair concentrating on the roots.


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