Can birth control pills cause infertility?

Can birth control cause infertility

Can birth control cause infertility

Question: Can birth control pills cause infertility?
Most healthcare professionals agree infertility is not caused by birth control. In fact, once you stop using birth control, such as the pill, your fertility should return to a normal level. This level can be different from when you started birth control, depending on your age or any health concerns or issues.

However, if you are using an injectable contraceptive, such as Depo-Provera, your fertility may be affected because the hormone used in the medication stays in your body for many months, even after the last shot has been administered. If you are using this method of contraceptive, it may take you longer to get pregnant because you will have to wait for the hormone to fully leave your body. In the past, the use of IUDs have been linked to infertility, but studies now show that it was actually the result of exposure to STDs while using the IUD that caused the infertility.


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