Haircuts for Face Shapes

Haircut For Face Shape

Haircut For Face Shape


Before choosing your next hairstyle, it is very important to determine what facial shape you have.  Knowing the correct shape of your face will help you find a haircut that will best compliments your features.

Step 1.Determine Your Face ShapeHow to Determine Your Face Shape

Now that you have determined which facial shape you have, here are a few suggestions of complementing haircuts and ones you should avoid.

Step 2.Pick A Haircut


Haircuts for Round Faces

You can wear most haircuts, with that said there are a few key elements to consider. Make sure that you have added height at your crown and minimize fullness at your sides.  Stay away from a straight full fringe, really short or spiky hair on top or unbalanced width on the sides.

Round Face Shape


Haircuts for Square Faces

Keep your hair on the longer side. This helps soften your jawline and if your want to go short, make sure not to cut your hair above your chin. An edgy fringe as well as layered cuts around the jawline, fluffy layers, bouncy curls and waves are all complementing and draw attention away from the squareness of the face. The less “defined” your cut is better.

Square Face Shape

Haircuts for Rectangle Faces

Adding width to the sides works best for rectangular face and a fringe on the forehead plays down the length. When styling use a side part to lighten the squareness of the face.

Rectangle Face Shape


Haircuts for Oval Faces

Did I mention how lucky you are, and by lucky, I mean you can pull off just about any cut because your face its perfectly balanced top-to-bottom. Give your face a slimmer appearance by adding layers or a style that adds height, highlight your cheekbones with face-framing layers or emphasize your jawline with a few angles at your chin.

Oval Face Shape


Haircuts for Oblong Faces

AKA Long Faces. Because your face is noticeably longer than it is wide you want to balance out your face by adding fullness to your sides. Mid length cuts work well, stay away from too much volume at the crown, and soften with face framing layers.

Oblong Face Shape


Haircuts for Diamond Faces

Adding width to the forehead and masking your cheek bones gives the illusion of an oval face. You will want to wear a medium to chin length hair cut and avoid excessive layers, if you have shoulder length hair you can try subtle face framing layers. Also, bangs look great because they soften the diamond.

Diamond Face Shape

Haircuts for Pear/Triangle Faces

Short Hair styles are awesome for you, keep fullness around crown and avoid it around the jaw line. This helps disguise a dominant jaw line and open up the forehead area.

Pear/Triangle Face Shape


Haircuts for Heart Faces

AKA Inverted Triangle Faces. The goal is to achieve balance, by bringing more fullness to the lower part of your face. Get a haircut that hits below your jawline (either fully or in a face-framing manner, so you can keep some length. Tread carefully when angling the cut up at the back of your neck because this can actually accentuate the top half of your face giving a top-heavy appearance.

Heart Face Shape

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