How to control and tame a cowlick?

How to Tame a Cowlick

How to Tame a Cowlick


Question: How can I tame a cowlick?
To tame your cowlick, try blowing drying it in the direction you want it to lay. Make sure to aim the hair dryer at the root, while using a brush to move the hair in position. Once you have the hair in place, hold it down until the hair has cooled. You can also use a curling iron or flat iron to straighten or curl it into place. Be sure to use extra-hold hair spray for maximum hold results. If your cowlick is up front and you wear a bang, opt for a long style, the added weight will help.

For a longer lasting control, consult your stylist about chemically treating the cowlick, which relaxes its root.

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