How do you cover up a pimple?

How to cover a Pimple

How to cover a Pimple


Question: How do you cover up a pimple?
Pimples always seem to show up at the worst possible times. By following just a few simple steps, you can cover up that pimple in no time. First apply some ice to the pimple to reduce the swelling. If you have Visine available, you can apply that to your pimple with a cotton swab, as it will also help reduce the redness and swelling. Next, apply a tinted blemish cream over the pimple. Try to use a cream that doesn’t dry out the pimple too much, which will make it more difficult to cover.

After applying the tinted cream, use a green-based concealer to counteract any redness. Be sure to apply the concealer with a brush so that you can thoroughly cover it up. Finally, use powder to seal in the concealer and further disguise your pimple.


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