How to cover up a cold sore?

How to Cover a Cold Sore

How to Cover a Cold Sore


Question: How to cover up a cold sore?
When you get a cold sore, the worst thing you can do is stress about it. Besides colds, stress can also trigger a cold sore. Covering up a cold sore can be a bit of challenge, especially if has not begun to heal or scab over. As soon as you notice a cold sore breaking out, apply an antiviral medication to it to help it heal faster. After the healing has started, you can use a tiny dab of concealer to cover it up.

Choose a concealer that is on the heavy side and is more cream than liquid based. Be sure to choose a product that matches your skin tone, otherwise it will not properly conceal the cold sore. For cold sores that are more on the red side, consider applying a green or yellow-based concealer first before applying skin tone based concealer. The yellow and green in the concealer will help to tone down any redness. Apply a finishing powder to set the product and ensure it stays on. Always remember that since cold sores are contagious, you should discard the makeup sponge after application.

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