How to Crimp Hair with a Flat Iron

How to Crimp Hair with a Flat Iron

How to Crimp Hair with a Flat Iron

Flat irons are great for achieving a smooth, straight look. But did you know a flat iron can also be used to crimp your hair? By following a few simple steps you can learn to transform this 80s favorite into a modern day, trendsetting look.

While some flat irons allow you to change out the plates from flat to crimping, this is not always an option for all flat irons. Regardless of the type or size of flat iron you have, crimping your hair is possible, even without crimping plates.


Step 1.

Prepare Your Hair

Before you begin the crimping process, comb through your dry hair to smooth and detangle. Next, using hair clips, pin up all your hair, except for a one-inch piece, I like to work from the bottom up and from the back forward. Then, spray that piece of hair with a thermal or styling spray and allow it to dry.


Step 2.

Began Crimping

Once the styling spray is dry, comb out the section of hair again. Then while holding the one-inch section of hair between two fingers, place the flat iron on the hair, closest to the scalp. Next, rotate the flat iron up until it is at a 90° angle, and then open up the flat iron to release the hair.

Step 3.

Repeat The Process

Continue with this same process, moving about ¼ of an inch down your hair until you reach the end. Remember to flip the flat iron up to a 90° angle each time. To create a zigzag pattern, alternate the placement of the flat iron, turning it at a different angle before rotating it up towards the scalp. Finish off by spraying each crimped section of your hair with firm-hold hairspray. Once you have finished one section, release another section of the hair and repeat the crimping process until you have finished with your entire head.

Crimping Hair with a Flat Iron


Step 4.

Finish The Style

Move hair into place and finish off the look with hairspray. If you don’t want to crimp all your hair, you can also opt to use the flat iron on small sections of your hair for a more funky or subtle look.

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