How To Use a Curling Wand

How to Use a Curling Wand

How to Use a Curling Wand

Everywhere you look these days it seems everyone is wearing big, beautiful beachy waves. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a professional stylist to achieve this stylish look. All you need is a large barrel curling iron, some hair clips and styling spray.

You may want to consider using a clampless curling iron, instead of the traditional curling iron with a clamp. These new clampless irons are a revolution because they actually help create bigger curls at the root and tighter curls at the ends. Clampless curling irons also usually come with a tampered barrel to allow you to curl your hair in different diameters.

Step 1.

Add Product

Start by applying your favorite heat protectant/styling product by either spraying it directly on your dry hair or on your hand and the manually working it throughout your hair. I like to use a texturizing spray, as it helps me create piecey, bouncy curls. You can opt to apply the product to your entire head or just the individual the sections you plan on curling.

Using a Curling Wand Step 1


Step 2.

Section Hair

Next, divide your hair into several sections and secure with a hair clip or ponytail holder on to of your head leaving the section you want to start with down.

Using a Curling Wand Step 2


Step 3.

Began Curling

Using a 1 inch or greater barrel curler began by gently wrapping your first 1″ section of hair around the barrel starting at the base of the strand. Your first and wrap a section of your hair around the barrel starting at the base

Using a Curling Wand Step 3

Product Suggestions

Step 4.

Finish the Curl

Hold the hair around the barrel for about 10 seconds before releasing. You want to alternate the direction you curl each section by alternating between curling your hair towards your face and then away from your face. This will create a more natural look. Repeat this process, 1-1″ section at a time until your completely done with the full head.

Using a Curling Wand Step 4

Step 5.

Finish the Style

Now use your fingers to loosen the curls ever so slightly. Lastly, finish your look with finishing or strong hold hair spray. You can also add a touch of serum to create added shine.

Using a Curling Wand Step 5

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