How To Cut Your Own Bangs

How to Cut Your Own Bangs

How to Cut Your Own Bangs

We’ve all done it or at least thought about doing it…cut our own bangs. Unfortunately, cutting your own bangs isn’t as easy as your stylist might make it look. Whether you need to a quick trim in between hair cuts or just want a change, taking the cutting of your bangs into your own hands doesn’t always to turn into a disaster.

Trimming Your Bangs

Before you start giving your bangs a trim, be sure to pull your hair back into a ponytail, so that only your bangs are left exposed. To see where your bangs need to be trimmed, comb them out flat first.

Next, take a comb and place it underneath your bangs. Then, pull the comb down until you determine the place on your forehead you want your bangs to lay. Continue to hold the comb in place while you use scissors to slowly trim your bangs. Be sure to start in the middle and work your way out to one side and then the other.

To trim the outer edges of your bangs so that they fall in the right angle, hold your scissors at a 45-degree angle while holding the comb under your bangs. Start with one side and then follow the same process on the other side. Once you are done, brush away any stray hairs and check the look of your bangs in the mirror to make sure they are even on all sides.

Cutting Bangs

Ready for a new style? Bangs are an easy way to change up your look. Start by dividing the front of your hair into three sections. This will make it easier to create the bang look you are trying to achieve. The middle section will be the main part of your bangs, while the outer sections will be used to frame your face.

Next, decide how long or short you want your bangs to be. Remember to start with a longer bang, as you can always cut off more later, but you can’t add on more hair if you cut them to short to begin with. Take a comb and hold it under your hair and pull it down till you reach the desired length of the bang.

Now, holding your scissors perpendicularly, make the first cut of the middle section. Then, go back through your hair, holding the scissors vertically and cut little snips throughout your bangs to create a soft line.

Next, cut the outer sections of your bangs. Be sure to do one section at a time and use the middle section as a guideline. Take your comb and hold it under the outer section as you cut the hair on a diagonal angle towards the outside of your face. Repeat the same process on the remaining section of your hair. To soften the angle of the outer edges of your bangs, go back in and cut small vertical snips throughout the hair.

Finally, give your bangs a once over to make sure they are cut at the same angle and length. Comb them out and move them into place to see if they fall naturally before trimming any stray or out of place pieces of hair.

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