How to Use Cuticle Nippers

How To Use Cuticle Nippers

How To Use Cuticle Nippers


Cuticle Nippers are a specialized tool designed to trim hang nails and dry, dead skin built up around the nail bed. Cuticle nippers are used in preparation for any nail treatment.

Step 1.

Soak Your Cuticles

Prepare you cuticles by soaking your fingers in warm water for 5 minutes to soften your cuticles.

Soaking Cuticles


Step 2.

Push Back Cuticles

Now roll back and lift your cuticles from nail plate using a cuticle knife or cuticle pusher.

Pushing Cuticles Back


Step 3.

Clip Excess Dry Skin

Remove the excess cuticle and dry skin surrounding the nail by place the nippers over the excess cuticle. Firmly closing the blade of the nipper, then release and pull away. Make sure not to pull away before releasing because you can rip your cuticle if it is not fully clipped.

Nipping Cuticles


Step 4.

Buff Away Build-up & Imperfections

Lastly, remove any build up that may be left over and smooth imperfections with a nail buffing block using the rougher side.

Buffing Cuticles

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