Different Styles of Headbands

Different Styles of Headbands


To make a fashion statement today, you need a headband. Men, women, children, everyone needs to make a stand and decide which headband to choose. This will not be an easy task, as there are at least a zillion options, so we’ve created categories for you to explore.

Women’s headbands


Women have more than a fantastic amount of choices. From simple, braided headbands to tribal prints to Vera Bradley rolled flowers; there are cloth headbands in any fabric you can imagine. Some clever people on Etsy have made a business out of hand crafting unique fabrics into wonderful headbands. The sky is not the limit in this case. The Marvel Comics headbands are especially chic. Spiderman goes with most outfits.

Fleece comes in every color of the rainbow and tie dye is still going strong, so mixing psychedelic tie dye hues with fringe and texture is an obvious pick for the extrovert.


Match your boots to your headband with the UGG Shearling Sheepskin Headband. Maybe the poor sheep won’t be warm, but you will be!

Sports headbands abound and all active wear companies have their basic headbands, Under Armour included.


There are an endless supply of fancy and glitter headbands. In fact, many brides are opting for a charming crystal, rhinestone or glitter headband instead of a traditional headpiece and veil. Swarovski Crystal Headbands are available for true glamour and sparkle on your wedding day.

Or you can go upscale with a fox fur headband. These designer and luxury styles are elegant as well as warm. Fur never goes out of style.


Girl’s headbands


Girls have loads of options too. Since cowboy bandanas are up-trending, someone thought to combine headbands and bandanas in a cute and colorful option for stylish young girls.

Cheerleaders and high school teams can go online and design their own team spirit headbands. Holographic and glitter text are a fun alternative. And if by some strange phenomenon your holographic letters on your headband reflects the sun into the eyes of the opposing team and your school wins because of it… well, these things happen!

How cute are those headbands with the bunny ears?! Move over “Hello Kitty” for “Hello Bunny!” (The “awwww” factor is prevalent here.)


Men’s headbands


We go from classic to outrageous for men. An interesting choice is a revisited design from the 1956 Cortina Winter Olympics by Dale of Norway. On the slopes, nothing will be more stylish. You won’t even need to ski. Just stand around and look fabulous. Men have just as much right to rock out as women do and a funky; hippie headband with exotic feathers and strips of leather can make a serious 1960’s statement. Might we say a “groovy” statement? Here’s a smart idea…a headband which has a built in pocket for your MP3 players, like the Apple Nano or iPod Shuffle. Hands free. Love it!

For the perfect party craft, make headbands! There are kits available for craft minded young girls to spend their party time wisely, (between the cake and the ice cream)! The nice thing about DIY headbands is that instead of wearing your individuality on your sleeve, you can wear it on your head!

With an unlimited assortment of headbands out there for stylish fashionistas, go wild or go subtle, as long as you add headbands to your wardrobe of must have accessories.

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