First trimester of pregnancy… What to expect?

First Trimester Symptoms

First Trimester of Pregnancy


Question: First trimester of pregnancy… What to expect?
Each trimester of pregnancy offers different feelings, emotions and changes to your body. In the first trimester you can expect to have symptoms of nausea, often called morning sickness. This is triggered by the change in your hormone levels, which in turn can cause you to become more sensitive to certain smells. While some foods may acerbate your morning sickness, you may notice new cravings for other foods.

During the first trimester, you may also notice that your breasts become very tender or swollen. This is also the result of hormone level changes. In addition, you may find yourself feeling bouts of fatigue, increased spells of dizziness, and needing more frequent trips to the bathroom to pee, especially at night. Some women also report changes in their emotional state. One minute they feel happy and the next weepy and anxious.

These are all normal reactions to the changes happening in your body and in your life. If you do have any concerns, don’t hesitate to talk to your partner or your doctor.

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