Best Hair Color For Brown Eyes

Hair Color For Brown Eyes

Hair Color For Brown Eyes


One of the best ways to highlight your eyes is with your hair color. The goal is to make your eyes pop but the color still look natural.

Generally with brown eyes, the best hues are within three shades lighter or darker of your natural color. “It’s all about enhancing, not extremes, just simply kicking your natural color up a notch. If you want to play it “safe”, don’t stray too far from your natural hair color and remember, the key is is to select a shade that not only compliments your eye color, but also your skin tone.


Warm Skin Tone

Warms so go with colors like gold, red, ginger, dark brown, mahogany and rust.

Cool Skin Tone

Those with a cool tones should try platinum, mahogany, coffee, jet black, fawn and flat browns.

Light Brown Eyes

Those with light brown eyes can play with their colors a bit. Any color between light blonde and medium brown will look great depending on the shade of your skin. If you have light skin stick with cool shades and those with medium to dark skin choose warm hues. To really make your eyes pop you can add some contrasting highlights. To mix it up a bit further try some low lights as well.

Dark Brown Eyes

If you have a light skin tone it is best to stick with the natural palette and cool colors. Don’t deviate to far from your natural color, maybe 1-2 shades. If you want a little more contrast, try some lowlights as opposed to highlights. For those with brown eyes with medium skin, try a dark brown or dark blonde. With this combination you can use cool or warm colors, so in the winter months go with a warm shade and in summer opt for a cool or wear year-round highlights and lowlights. For dark skinned gals your natural palette is what makes your eye really stand out. So stick with dark shades somewhere between dark brown and black. To spice things up a little add some medium brown highlights but be careful not to go to light.


Colors to Avoid

For warm tones avoid colors with a blue, violet, beige or ash base. These colors can “wash out” your skin.

For cool tones stay away from golds, yellows, reds and bronzes tones as warmer hues can make you sallow and drawn.


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