Best Hair Color For Blue Eyes

Hair Color For Blue Eyes

Hair Color For Blue Eyes

One of the best ways to highlight your eyes is with your hair color. The goal is to make your eyes pop and your hair color still look natural.

Blue eyes can work well with a wide range of colors from light blonde and medium brown to black and even red some some cases. As a general rule, go with colors no more than three to four shades away from your natural color. The key is is to select a shade that not only compliments your eye color, but also your skin tone.


Warm Skin Tone

Those with blue eye and warm skin look best in golden, honey, beige and amber shades, because these hues match your skin tone. Honey blondes, golden blondes, golden browns, chestnut shades or auburn shades will all work great. You can also throw in some golden or red to cinnamon highlights for an added effect.

Cool Skin Tone

Cools should stick with shades that have bluish or silver overtones or ones with the words ash” or “cool”. Ash blondes, cool browns, platinum blondes, dark brown, black and even blonde shades can work well but make sure to avoid hues with red undertones. and if you insist on going red, steer clear of orange or yellow undertones. If you want highlights try ash, honey or wheat shades.


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