Hairstyles For Medium Length Curly Hair

Medium Length Curly Hair

Medium Length Curly Hair


Did you know that it is estimated that sixty-five percent of women have naturally curly or wavy hair? That is a huge percentage! Curly hair can be very frustrating, hard to manage and lifeless if you do not have the correct style

A few key elements to having gorgeous curly hair is it to make sure that you never over shampoo it, condition like crazy, handle with care and choose your styling products wisely. By following these simple steps you will notice an incredible difference with the overall health of your hair.


Medium Length Curly Hairstyles


Add Face Framing Layers

The layers help to soften the style and frame in the face.


Curly Hair with Face Framing Layers

Soften With a Curling Iron

Soften your curls with a curling iron by targeting select areas and forming new, looser curls. Use a 1″ – 1 1/2″ iron to tame and help finish the look.


Softened Curls

Pull It Back

Softly pull back the hair allowing for pieces around the hairline to fall.


Curly Hair Pulled Back


Curly hair is a blessing to have once you figure out how to work with it. Every women has a different curl pattern and texture, making it hard to give specific advice on how to help style it. By following the steps above and being patient while you figure out the best ways to embrace your hair, I can guarantee you will fall in love with it all over again.

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