How to Highlight Hair with a Highlighting Cap

Highlight Using A Cap

Highlight Using A Cap

Highlighting caps have small holes through which you pull strands of hair to be highlighted. They are great for those who want to do their highlights at home and have thin or short to medium length hair. If you have very long or extra thick hair you might want to use a different method as it gets difficult to control the placement of highlighted strands. Make sure to purchase a cap that will provide you with your desired highlights, some offer chunky highlights, while others offer a more natural look.

What You Will Need


  • Highlighting or Frosting Cap
  • Lightener & Developer ( I recommend a kit)
  • Protective Gloves
  • Tint Bowl & Brush


Prepare Your Hair


  • Use a good clarifying shampoo and conditioner a few days before you highlight.  This removes any traces of hair care products so your hair will take the highlight better.
  • Don’t wash your hair a day or two before the highlighting process because a small amount of natural hair oil helps protect your hair from chemical damage.
  • Brush your hair thoroughly right before you highlight. Tangles make it difficult to pull your hair through the cap and apply the lightener as well as might affect the outcome.
  • It is also a good idea to do a test procedure with a thin piece of hair and a small amount of highlighting mixture. Wait a few minutes to check for any adverse effects or damage to your hair. If everything tests okay and you are happy with the color, then you can proceed with the highlighting process.

Highlighting Your Hair


  • Place the cap on your head and pull it down snugly.
  • Using the hook, puncture the designated holes in the cap starting as close to your front hair line as possible. Come in at a slight angle for best results.
  • For thin highlights that are subtle and blend in, pull out thin sections of hair. Do this by not allowing the hook to penetrate your hair deeply.  If you want thick bold highlights pull large sections by going deeper into your hair.
  • Continue to pull out the desired amount of strands of hair.
  • Once all the hair is pulled through the cap, using your protective gloves, prepare the highlighting mixture in your bowl (follow the manufacturer mixing instructions)
  • Using the applicator brush, apply the highlighting solution to all the pulled out sections and make sure each strand gets an even coating of highlighter. Use your fingers in a lathering motion to be sure no hair is missed. Apply the lightener from front to back. This gives the front more time to lighten while you work your way backward, giving a natural look.
  • Set a timer for the recommend processing time.
  • Once the time is up remove the cap and rinse your hair thoroughly. Avoid shampooing your hair as the cuticle of the hair is still slightly open. Washing may prematurely remove or fade your new hair highlights. Instead rinse very well and apply a conditioner to seal the cuticle and moisturize the hair shaft.
  • Towel dry and finish with a hair dryer.

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