How to Apply Concealer

How to Apply Concealer

How to Apply Concealer


Concealer is great for covering up all our little imperfections, from dark under eye circles to acne. When used correctly it can become your makeup secret weapon, but apply it incorrectly and concealer can actually work to accentuate what you are trying to cover.


Choosing the Right Concealer

Before you can even apply your concealer, you need to choose the right type and color for your skin issue. No matter what type of concealer you use, always choose one that is two times lighter than your skin tone.

Peach Based

This color of concealer works best for camouflaging the yellow-bluish tones found under the eye.

Green Based

To reduce redness, a green-colored concealer is your go to product.

White Based

To cover up dark areas around your mouth, white-based concealers in stick form are best.


For areas of your skin that tend to get oily, an oil-free, concealer with a more dry consistency will help keep the area from becoming too dark.

Cream Formula

If your skin tends to be dry, opt for a cream-based concealer, which will be easier to blend into your skin and won’t cause dryness.

Concealer Pencil

If you are looking to cover up a zit, try a concealer pencil, which allows you to easily target the top and surrounding area of the zit without irritating the skin. A pencil concealer can also be used to cover spider veins or broken capillaries .

Body Formula

If you need to cover up tattoos or birthmarks, opt for a body concealer, which is designed to be thicker and help cover up darker areas.

Heavy Coverage

Use a heavy coverage cream concealer to cover scars or dark spots.


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Proper Concealer Application

Before applying concealer to your skin, make sure the skin is properly moisturized. Keeping your skin hydrated will also help the concealer blend in a lot easier.

For a truly natural look, remember to never apply a heavy layer of concealer to start. Instead, work with a lighter application and then build up the layers gradually until optimal coverage is reached.

To apply your concealer, you can use your fingertips, a concealer brush or a makeup sponge. Start by applying several dots of the concealer to the area you are trying to camouflage, such as under eye circles or fine lines. Then begin to tap the concealer into your skin.
Apply dots of Concealer

After tapping in the first layer, you can add in another layer to areas that still require more coverage. Then, using a fluffy brush, set your concealer with a fine, loose powder. Once the concealer is set, you can continue applying the rest of your makeup or just add some mascara, blush and lip color for a natural, yet finished look.

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