How to Apply Mascara Perfectly

How to Apply Mascara

How to Apply Mascara


One of the easiest and quickest ways to make your eyes pop is with mascara. You can go from short and sparse to long, full lashes in just a few strokes, as long as you apply your mascara correctly.

Choosing the Right Mascara

The foundation for properly applying mascara starts with choosing the right product. With so many mascaras to choose from, each making a different promise and selling at different price points, finding the perfect one can seem overwhelming.

Start by eliminating any product that has been tested on animals. Not only is testing makeup on animals cruel, it doesn’t really guarantee the mascara will be any better than a cruelty-free product. In fact, some of the newer all-natural products are better for you as they don’t contain harmful chemicals. If you do choose an all-natural product, be sure to read the ingredients to make sure it really is what it claims to be.

Another way to decide which mascara to purchase is to pick a budget. Just because a department store brand is more expensive than a drug store brand, doesn’t mean it will provide better results. The truth is most drug store mascaras contain the same ingredients as the more expensive brands, and will provide you with the same results.

Today waterproof isn’t the only option for mascaras. They are also available in strengthening, lengthening and thickening formulas. Before you buy one, think about how you want your lashes to look. For instance, if you want really long lashes, choose a lengthening mascara. Not sure which one to choose, consider shopping for your mascara at beauty supply stores, which provide testers and gives you a chance to sample the product before you buy it.

Now that you’ve chosen the right mascara it is time to pick the right color; like black or black/brown. Black is a great go to mascara color, as it will give your lashes a fuller look. If you have lighter hair and skin, you may want to opt for black/brown, which will give you the same effect as black, but without being overpowering.
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Proper Application

Once you have the perfect mascara, it is time to apply it. As you remove the wand from the mascara, check and make sure there isn’t too much of the product on the wand. If you twist the brush as you are removing it, you will have better control over how much product attaches itself to the brush. Scrap off any excess mascara before you apply it to avoid clumping. I like to curl my lashes before applying mascara using an eyelash curler. Carefully clamp your upper lashes at the root and hold for five seconds. Repeat on the middle of lashes and again near the tips.

Step 1.

Curl your Eyelashes

I like to curl my lashes before applying mascara using an eyelash curler. Carefully clamp your upper lash at the root and hold for five seconds. Repeat on the middle of lashes and again near the tips.

Step 2.

Apply to Your Top Lash

Look up slightly as you slowly run the brush through your upper lash from root to tip. Wiggle the brush as you do this to ensure even application and separation. By starting at the root and moving to the tip, you will also help to give your lashes a more curled look. For more dramatic lashes, repeat this process a couple of times on each eye.

Step 3.

Apply to Your Bottom Lash

To apply mascara to your bottom lashes, look down as you move the brush from root to tip in the same back and forth motion you did on the top. If you have trouble avoiding getting mascara on your skin, you can place a piece of paper or tissue under your lower lashes during application.

Step 4.

Finishing Touch

If you do notice any clumping or if your eyelashes are sticking together, you can use your fingernails or a sewing needle to carefully remove fix the problem.

By following these few simple steps, you can be on your way to fabulous lashes in no time.

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