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Cutting Hair with Clippers


There’s nothing better than seeing a man with a freshly maintained haircut! Unfortunately, with how fast hair can grow, in order to keep that look you would need a haircut almost every two weeks! This could end up costing a fortune and also take up a lot of your time.

I am here to solve that problem, by teaching you how to achieve the perfect clipper cut!! This haircut is ideal for the summer months and works for all ages and hair types, whether on a young boy, a balding man, or someone who simply likes to keep his hair short and maintenance free.

First things first,  you will need a little break down on hair clippers. Clippers are a specialized implement used to cut human hair. They use a high powered motor and sharpened comb-like teeth to cut through the hair close and fast. An arm on the side allows you to adjust the blade for a longer or shorter cut and the guards that are included allow you to measure in 1/8 inch increments, usually numbered 2, 4, 6, 8, or 1, 3, 5, 7. The majority of clippers use a cord but many are available in cordless.


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A common question is whether or not there is a difference between clippers and trimmers. Yes there is! Trimmers are used on a much smaller area, such as the outline around the neck and ears. They cut very close to the skin and are a lot smaller than regular clippers. Trimmers do not require guards unless you are using them to clean up facial hair such as a beard or goatee.

The most popular guards sizes for clipper haircuts:


For very short all over:

#2 everywhere.

Very Short Mens Hair

For a shorter mix:

#2 and #3 (#2 used on the sides and #3 everywhere else).

Short Mix Mens Haircut

For medium length on sides:

#3 and #4 or #6 on top.

Medium All Over Mens Haircut


Hair Clipper Directions:

  1. Make sure hair is completely dry.
  2. Select the guard you would like to use based on you desired results.
  3. For around the nape and ears you will want a shorter guard. The #2 guard is the most popular among men.
  4. Place the clipper with the guard secured flat against the head, and glide upwards slowly.
  5. Start at the nape (neck line) and follow as high as the occipital bone. The occipital bone is located in the back of the head, and slightly sticks out.
  6. For the sides, cut from the bottom of the ear to the temple area.
  7. Once you have finished, change the guard to the #3. The #3 guard is slightly longer then the #2, this is going to help you achieve a blended clipper cut.
  8. Now, place the #3 guard against the head and slowly glide upwards until you loss connection with the guard and the scalp. For a more rounded cut follow the shape of the head.
  9. DON’T FORGET TO PUT THE GUARD ON, especially when switching lengths!!!! Please, go slow and focus on what you are doing, this will help to prevent accidents.


How to Maintain Clippers:

Clippers need to be oiled and cleaned off after each use. The oil with help to prolong the life of the clippers. When you oil the blades it helps to reduce the friction resulting in sharper blades for a longer period of time. It takes only two seconds and is much cheaper then having to keep buying new ones.

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