How To Do Fade Haircuts

How To Fade Hair

How To Fade Hair


A man’s haircut can be very tricky, especially when you are trying to prefect the “fade”.  A fade is when hair is shorter at the bottom and progressively gets longer towards the top of the head and if not done correctly, you will see horizontal lines at the transitions. This can be quit embarrassing for boys and men, and pricey to fix. Hair texture and density are two extremely important factors. The thicker and coarser the hair the harder it is to blend.

How To Give The Perfect Fade


What Your Need

  • Hair Clippers: Make sure to buy a set of clippers that are high quality. You may end up spending as much as double, but you will be thankful in the end. They will cut through hair better, last longer and are easier to handle. Look for a set that has at least 5 cutting guides.
  • Cutting Guides: AKA cutting combs are the attachments that fit on the clipper head which allow you to precisely trim that hair to various lengths.
  • Flat Top Comb:  To help you secure and control the hair. Your clipper will glide smoothly over the top cutting unwanted hair with precision and accuracy.
  • Thinning Shears:  Specially designed to thin hair, blend layers and minimize unwanted lines


Product Suggestions



  1. Decide the length you would like your over all hair to be, I recommend to always use the longer guards first.
  2. Use the longest guard to cut all the hair at first, then keep decreasing the size guards until you reach you desired length.
  3. Once all the hair is cut, lets say for example you decided to use a 4 guard all over, keep the 4 guard on and adjust the lever on the clipper to the lowest setting and cut around the back and sides to prevent lines.
  4. Once complete, change the 4 guard to a three guard and cut up carefully staying below the temple area.
  5. Repeat the process until the sides and back are cut down to your desired length. If you choose to go all the way down to a 1 guard, pay close attention to avoiding harsh lines.
    Note: Always use a longer guard and work down to a shorter guard, never vise versa.
  6. When the fade is finished, go back through with the flat top comb, thinning shears or clippers to complete the blending process.
  7. If you see any lines, place the comb on the area of scalp that requires blending and use the thinning shears or clipper to cut the hair that is peaking through the comb.
  8. Repeat in all areas until hair is thoroughly blended.


This process can take a many tries to perfect, just be confident and work slow.  Always remember to put the guide back on the clipper. I can’t tell you how many times people accidentally shave a guys hair because the forget to replace the guide!

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