How do I permanently straighten my hair?

How to permanently straighten hair

How to permanently straighten hair


Question: How do I permanently straighten my hair?
Before you decide to straighten your hair, you must determine which straightening product is right for your hair type. The strongest product available is known as a Relaxer, and is ideal for coarse hair. Relaxers are usually made with lye, though some are lye free, but both use a form of hydroxide to permanently straighten the hair.

Other options include the Brazilian or Japanese straightening, which can be used on a variety of hair textures. In the Japanese method, a chemical is applied to the hair to break down the protein bonds in the hair. The chemical is then rinsed out, the hair is dried and styled straight, and then a neutralizing solution is applied. In the Brazilian method, a keratin solution is used, instead of a chemical one. The keratin solution is sealed into the hair with a flat iron. Because no chemicals are used, this solution is only semi-permanent.


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