How do you reduce sweating?

How to Reduce Sweating

How to Reduce Sweating

Question: How do you reduce sweating?
For some people, sweating can become an embarrassing problem, but there are things you can do to reduce sweat. Your first option is to switch to a stronger deodorant. These can be prescribed by a doctor or found over-the-counter. Today, many several drugstore brands are now making a prescription or clinical strength deodorant product.

Another option is to change the time of day you apply your deodorant from the morning to night. This will give your deodorant time to work its way into your sweat ducts and help keep the sweat volume down. If you need to reapply it later, be sure to keep a deodorant in your purse, briefcase or in your desk.

You should also consider wearing clothing that helps wick away sweat or is more breathable and won’t trap in body heat. Wearing loose fitting clothing or an undershirt or tank top underneath your clothes can also help reduce or absorb the sweat. Finally, try to avoid eating spicy foods or foods rich in garlic and onions, especially at lunch. These foods are known to increase sweat production.

Remember if none of these options help with reducing sweat, then it might be time to see your doctor for more help.

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