How to Tease Your Hair

How to Tease Hair

How to Tease Hair


Have you ever wondered how the Victoria’s Secret models and celebrities get such big, voloumous hair? They achieve this full bodied style by teasing…aka back combing. This is a simple technique that requires the use of a comb or pick, prior to styling, and if done correctly, will provide incredible lift at the roots and long lasting volume.

Lets first talk your equipment and technique. The comb you use is really a matter of preference. I like to use a pick or wide toothed comb depending on hair texture and length. But others use rat-tail combs, teasing brushes and even round brushes. Never spray your hair before backcombing. This hardens and mats your hair and leads to damage. Plus, when your spray afterwards it locks the tease and body in place.

Teasing Directions

  1. Begin at the crown, taking 1-2″ sections.
  2. Hold the first section of hair firmly straight up with one hand
  3. With the other hand, comb the hair down towards the roots, starting in the middle of the section
  4. Lightly spray each section with hairspray to lock in the body
  5. Repeat this process everywhere you desire volume
  6. Once finished teasing, smooth all of your hair back and lightly brush with your fingers or a pik…not a brush. If your hair has too much body, continue smoothing until your get the right amount.
  7. Finally spray all of your hair to set style.
Teasing Hair


Tips For Best Results

  • Start at the top of your head and work your way down the sides and back
  • You can always calm down a tease, so it is better to start big.
  • For stiffer volume…tease smaller, 1 inch sections of hair.
  • For softer volume…tease larger, 2 inch sections of hair.

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