How to Trim Split Ends at Home

Trimming Split Ends

Trimming Split Ends


No woman wants to look down and see that the ends of her hair are full of split ends. This condition can leave the hair lifeless and hard to manage.  But it’s not always necessary for you to run to the salon to get your haircut! It is actually possible for you to take care of split-ends yourself, right at home.

I do not recommend trying home-maintenance on a haircut that is specially texturized or layered; but I do however know that you can dust the ends to significantly reduce the amount of split end. Hair that is medium to long in length is ideal for this type of home remedy, because you can easily pull the hair forward allowing you to see the damaged ends. Just follow my steps and you will be on the right track for keeping up on the health of your hair in the comfort of your own home.


What You Will Need


Hair Shears

Invest in a good pair of shears. I recommend 5″ or 5.5″ long, made of stainless steel and paying $99+ to make sure you are getting quality. The Cricket S-2 550 Carded 5.5″ Offset Shear
make a great middle of the road option.

Hair Shears


Hair Cutting Comb

I’m a huge fan of Cricket Silkombs. They last a long time and are extremely affordable. The Silkomb Pro 20 has two distinct teeth patterns for endless cutting options make this the perfect all round cutting comb.

Hair Cutting Comb



Method 1 – Trimming

  1. It helps if you have some help with this one
  2. Start by washing your hair and applying a leave in conditioner
  3. Then comb your hair with the wide-toothed end of your comb and separate it into sections
  4. Take a section and bringing it forward.
  5. Hold the end of this hair just above where you want to trim firmly between two fingers
  6. Make the cut and repeat, making sure mot to cut the same section twice



Method 2 – Dusting

  1. Twist a small section of hair. Trim split ends as they pops out of the twist.
  2. Now spin the same section in the opposite direction and trim any missed ends.

Dusting Split Ends


    • Cut your hair in natural light. Natural Sunlight is the best and most accurate way to detect split ends.
    • Make sure to hold the scissor perpendicular to the hair when cutting. This gives hair more strength, opposed to cutting on an angle.
    • Cut about 1/8? – 1/2? above the split ends

By trimming the split ends off of your hair you will notice that your hair grows faster, styles easier and looks healthy and shiny!

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