How to Accessorize Your Hair

Using Hair Accessories

Using Hair Accessories


Do you ever get sick of wearing your hair in the same style day after day, but don’t know how you can switch it up? Well there is an easy way to step out of your comfort zone by experimenting with new techniques and accessories.

If you open any popular magazines such as People, Elle or Style, tune into any celebrity award show or simply search the internet for the latest trends you will be sure to notice that the stars are dressing up their hair styles with head bands, scarves, accessories or braids.

Messy hair has been a hit for a long time now, this actually works in our benefit because you can make “bed head” look cute, frizzy hair can be stylish by adding a cute soft braid and so on! Think about it, your hair looks extremely plain when just pulled back into a ponytail, but add a little teasing and place a head band in there and waala you get a fashionable hair style!  Use a bad hair day or a morning that you slept in a little to long to sport one of these styles, they are SO trendy and easy to create!

Take note that all the models below are wearing a headband and/or scarf away from their hairline, placement is the key. By leaving out a little hair around the face, helps to soften the look and prevents you from looking little girl-ish.

The Most Popular Hair Accessories:




Headband Hair Accessories


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Scarf Hair Accessories




Braids Hair Accressories




Hats Hair Accessories


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Hair Bling

Hair Bling Accessories

Please stay away from gaudy accessories! Remember unless your under the age of 10 you have to be cautious of the size and style you choose. Don’t pick huge flowers or feathers you will end up being a don’t instead of a do!
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