How to Use Hair Rollers

Rollers in Hair

Rollers in Hair


Too often we to get caught in a routine of styling our hair in a safe way that we feel comfortable in, but every now and again it is nice to switch it up and try something new. This is where professional hair curlers come in!!! They are very easy to use, take little effort, add an amazing amount of volume and bounce that will have you feeling fun and sexy!!!

Hair Curlers are often associated with the hairstyles of the older generation aka the elderly, who get their weekly sets done. This has turned the younger generation of ladies away from using them. Slowly but surely, women are realizing the ability of how easy and fun it is to use them. You can turn a flat head of hair into a beautiful head of curls in no time! Rollers are definitely making a comeback!!!


Popular Types of Hair Rollers:


Hot & Steam Rollers

Hot and Steam Rollers use heat to form volume and a bouncy beautiful curl. They come in different sizes allowing you to control how much or how little curl you may desire.

Hot & Steam Rollers


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Velro Rollers

Velcro rollers do not require any heat or clips. They stick to the hair without pins or clips and are a gentle approach to curling hair.

Velcro Rollers


Directions for Hot & Steam Rollers


  1. Turn the hot rollers on
  2. Dry hair completely
  3. Start taking random sections of hair and comb to remove any tangles
  4. Spray the hair strand with a setting spray, comb through once more
  5. Take roller and roll section of hair, starting at the ends and rolling towards the scalp. You can roll on a vertical or horizontal pattern or mix it up for a beautiful result
  6. Clip in place
  7. Repeat until all remaining hair is secured in rollers
  8. Once all the hair is set in place, spray lightly with a hairspray
  9. Let the curlers cool as long as possible
  10. Once finished, remove rollers
  11. Tousle with your finger tips, styling brush or comb and style away!



Directions for Velcro Rollers

Follow steps 2-8 then, using a blow dryer on light speed and medium heat to gently warm the rollers. Once all the rollers have been hit with heat, let them cool! The longer you let them cool, the better the results will be.


For Hair That Doesn’t Hold A Curl Well

Follow steps 1-4, and then, use a curling iron to curl the hair strand prior to placing the roller in. This is an extra step that helps to prolong the life of the curl! Be sure to immediately put the roller in after use of curling iron for the best result. Be careful not to burn yourself.

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