Is Mineral Makeup Better

Is Mineral Makeup Better

Is Mineral Makeup Better


Mineral makeup is the latest trend in cosmetics, and is virtually exploding in the beauty industry.  It is sold in stores, praised on television, and promoted in fashion magazines. What is all the hype?  Is it really superior to traditional cosmetics?  Does “Natural” and “From the Earth” really equal better?

Let’s take a look at some of the differences:


It’s called “Mineral Makeup” due to the fact that it is made of finely ground, naturally occurring minerals from the earth such as micronized titanium dioxide, micronized zinc oxide, iron oxide, silk mica, and hydrated silica.  Mineral cosmetics also doesn’t contain all the chemical components, dyes, fillers, perfumes, and preservatives that often stimulate most the allergic reactions associated with traditional makeup.  In fact the absence of these foreign ingredients has greatly reduced the instances of adverse reactions for many women.


Although Mineral Makeup has been more prominent at high-end department store and specialty cosmetic shops there are more economical options available on the market.


Mineral Makeup is naturally water resistant and bonds to the skin unlike traditional makeup which sits on the skin.  So, when exposed to water or sweat it is not prone to smearing or washing off. Also, the pigment lasts much longer than traditional makeup and a little goes a long way.


Regular makeup usually blocks and clogs your pores giving a heavy sensation on your face. Mineral makeup, since it is natural, allows your skin to breathe giving a lighter feeling.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of traditional makeup is about six months.  Mineral Makeup, due to the absence of bacteria growing moisture and organic materials, has a shelf life of up to three years which is great for women who don’t like wearing makeup everyday.

Mineral Foundation

Unlike normal foundations, Mineral Foundations can provide sheer to full coverage.  You can achieve a light sheer finish by rotating the applicator brush on your face in small circles.  It can also produce a more opaque texture if applied in layer with a damp sponge, as a result of its light finely ground mineral consistency.

Mineral Powders

Mineral powders help conceal fine lines where as tradition powders are prone to distinguishing wrinkles.  The minerals and antioxidants hydrate the skin and naturally conceal wrinkles and create a healthy glow.

Remember companies sometimes make claims that their makeup is 100% pure minerals even though they include colors and binders, so make sure to do your homework, research, and read labels if you decide to switch Mineral Makeup.

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