Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes


Ahhh…to be a blue eyed babe!  It must be hard having the most beautiful eye color a girl could ask for. Personally, I don’t think there is anything more pretty than seeing a woman who has enhanced her eye color by applying the correct makeup.

Blue eyes can appear dull and flat if you apply the wrong eye makeup.  To prevent your eyes from looking washed out, use contrasting tones to compliment the blue. Always use a light tone as your base color. For a two shade combination, complement your light base color with a dark or medium hue.  If you prefer three colors, use a light, medium and dark tone. Follow the tip below to perfect this technique.


Product Suggestions



Purples make the blue really pop, but be careful not to over do it. They should only be used as an accent tone. Too much can make you look like you have a black eye…remember less is more.

Purple Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes




All degrees of pink from peach to mauve really compliment and accentuate blue eyes. Try a pink over your lid and add a darker color to the crease to add definition.

Pink Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes



Tans, Neutrals & Golds

Neutrals are a great option for blue eyes as almost every shade will enhance the color. Try to combine a light and dark to your eyelids to create depth…try champagne and chocolate.

Neutral Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes




Make sure to use blue makeup with caution. You want to avoid the same level or tone and work with lighter or darker blue shades. If the color is too close to your eye color, not only will it take away from your natural eye color but it can also make your eyes appear dull.

Blue Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes



Silver & Grey

If you are using either of these colors, match it with a darker hue to avoid the washed out look, this way you will get more of a smoky effect. For a subtle approach, use a light shadto add a soft accent to the eye while enhancing the color.

Grey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes


Application Tips

After you decide which colors you are going to use, follow these steps to finish your look

  • Apply the lightest shade of eye shadow from the lash area to the eyebrow bone as the base coat.
  • Next, apply the medium shade eye shadow to the crease of the eye and blend to the eyebrow bone
  • Then, apply the darkest shade to the outer corner of the eyelid and blend.

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