Long Hairstyles for Men

Mens Long Hairstyles

Mens Long Hairstyles

When you think of long hair on men, the most common style that comes to mind is the mullet, the dirty hippie, and hair metal. Thankfully, the mullet has died out, with the exception of Eugene on The Walking Dead, and the dirty hippie and hair metal band style has become less dirty and more hip and rocker chic.

If you’re thinking about rocking long hair like Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, Harry Styles, or Dave Grohl, just remember to keep it simple, and wear it with style. Long hair does take time to grow out, so it does require patience and more maintenance. And of course, talk to your barber or stylist about the best way to grow your hair out, especially if your hair is not very full, so that it looks more healthy and less dirty hippie.


There was a reason women swooned over Taylor Kitsch’s Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights. It wasn’t just because they all love the troubled bad boy with heart; it had a lot to do with his smoldering good looks, and that messy, beachy hair.

The beachy/hair works well on many men. You can wear it very long, like a true surfer, or give it a modern twist by wearing it is messy layers. Think of it like the longer version of the messy, bed head that gained popularity several years ago. You can also keep it a bit short, above or just at the collar, while growing out the top more, kind of like Harry Styles.

This style is fresh and sexy, and can work on many different face shapes and hair texture. It really helps to frame the face and make your jaw line look angular and very manly.

Ashton Kutcher with Long Hair

Ashton Kutcher

Owen Wilson with Long Hair

Owen Wilson

Gabrie Aubry with Long Hair

Gabrie Aubry

Keanu Reeves with Long Hair

Keanu Reeves

Zac Efron with Long Hair

Zac Efron

Shia LaBeouf with Long Hair

Shia LaBeouf


No man embodies the long hair look like the rocker or artist. Last year Jared Leto’s hair actually seemed to garner as much attention as his acting prowess in The Dallas Buyer’s Club, granted his long hair was needed to play the role.

Rockers, like Dave Grohl, and actors, like Russell Brand and Johnny Depp, have made long hair their signature look. Wearing your hair in this long style may not require a lot of styling, as you can still just wash it and go, but it does require you to take more care of your hair to ensure your ends don’t become dry or damaged. Shampooing is important to keep your hair clean, but not as important as conditioning your hair, especially the ends, which show damage faster. Look for products that are hydrating and designed to protect long hair.

The fun thing about this style is that you can also really go rocker, and add color, or have it cut with layers. If you have curly hair, like Brand, you may require more trips to the salon or more styling products so your hair looks effortlessly cool, and not ferociously frizzy.

Jared Leto with Long Hair

Jared Leto

Johnny Depp with Long Hair

Johnny Depp

Dave Grohl with Long Hair

Dave Grohl

Colin Farrell with Long Hair

Colin Farrell

Russell Brand with Long Hair

Russell Brand

Steven Tyler with Long Hair

Steven Tyler


The dreadlock is probably one of the most iconic long hairstyles for men, especially men of color. Inspired by African and Rastafarian culture, the dreadlock has been made popular by musicians, rappers, and now athletes. In fact, you can’t turn on the TV these days and not see a pile of dreads pouring out from under a helmet, or running up and down the basketball court.

Dreadlocks do take time and effort to style. They require backcombing or other methods to form your hair into matted coils or braided into long individual locks. The longer your hair grows, the more matted and grown together your dreads will become. This style might seem low maintenance, once the dreads or braids are styled, but it actually may require more shampooing and conditioning.

Eric Benet with Long Hair

Eric Benet

Jason Castro with Long Hair

Jason Castro

Jason Momoa with Long Hair

Jason Momoa

Richard Sherman with Long Hair

Richard Sherman

Samuel Larsen with Long Hair

Samuel Larsen

Snoop Dogg with Long Hair

Snoop Dogg

The Man Bun/Ponytail

Ponytails and bun aren’t just for women. Men with long hair can also opt to pull their hair up, whether for a causal day out in the city or for a night on the red carpet.

Similar to the way women style their updos, you can wear your ponytail or bun with slicked back hair, or more messy and textured. It really depends on your preference, hair texture, and styling products.

For a more slicked back look, apply gel to your hair and then comb back and pull into a bun. If you want a textured look, use a texturing spray to add volume, and then pull it up in a looser style.

Alex Ebert with Long Hair

Alex Ebert

Antonio Banderas with Long Hair

Antonio Banderas

Brad Pitt with Long Hair

Brad Pitt

Chris Hemsworth with Long Hair

Chris Hemsworth

David Beckham with Long Hair

David Beckham

Jake Gyllenhaal with Long Hair

Jake Gyllenhaal

Joaquin Phoenix with Long Hair

Joaquin Phoenix

Orlando Bloom with Long Hair

Orlando Bloom

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