How to Make a Top Knot Bun

How to Make a Top Knot Bun

How to Make a Top Knot Bun

Whether you’re trying to stay cool in the heat or want an alternative to the ponytail or messy bun look, the topknot hairstyle might just the thing for you. This trendsetting up do is fun, versatile and great for a day at the office or a night out with girls.

No matter how you choose to wear the topknot – twisted & sleek, carefully disheveled or adorned with a scarf – this hair-topping staple will have you turning heads all year long.

Achieving the Top Knot

Step 1.

Create a High Ponytail

To create a perfectly coiffed top knot, start by pulling your hair up and make a ponytail top of your head. Be sure to brush every part of your hair straight up so that it is smooth. You can choose to leave a few pieces loose to frame your face, or if you have bangs, you can also leave those loose for added depth or symmetry.

Top Knot Bun Step 1
Step 2.

Twist, Wrap & Secure

Now twist and wrap the ponytail around its base and lock it in place with bobby pins.

Top Knot Bun Step 2
Step 1.

Finish the Style

Finish the look off with styling or hairspray. You can also choose to add embellishments like a scarf, headband or bejeweled pin or barrette

Top Knot Bun Step 4


Different Ways to Style Your Top Knot Bun


For a Casual Top Knot

If you are aiming for a more causal looking topknot, secure the ponytail and wrap it loosely.

For Added Volume

To add volume to your topknot, backcomb or tease your ponytail before wrapping it.

For Added Dimension

You can also opt to section off the ponytail into a braid or braids for an even trendier looking topknot.

For More Height

Try folding the ponytail or braided ponytail in half and then wrap the rest of the hair around the folded piece. Secure all the hair in place with a few hair pins.

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