Medium Length Hairstyles for Women over 50

Medium Hairstyles for Women over 50

Medium Hairstyles for Women over 50



One of the best things about being a woman is being able to change up your hairstyle any way you want. Of course, as you age, your options can feel limited, especially when it comes to new trends. For example, braids are all the rage right now, but they do look a little juvenile at certain point. This doesn’t mean you can’t look modern, you just need to choose a medium length style that suits your face and where you are in your life.

Medium Bob with Bangs

Diane Keaton with Long Bob with bangs

Diane Keaton

Kate Capshaw with Long Bob with bangs

Kate Capshaw

Heather Locklear with Long Bob with bangs

Heather Locklear

The bob is a classic style that can be worn in many different lengths, including medium. One way to give it a modern twist is my adding bangs, or fringe. Bangs help bring a youthful look to your style and face. Because the medium length bob with bangs can be worn straight and sleek, layered and tousled, or wavy and curled, you’ll always look sophisticated and professional and ready for any occasion.

If you do decide to wear this cut, be sure to talk to your stylist about what type of bangs will work best for your features.

Classic Shoulder Length

Diane Lane with Shoulder Length hair

Diane Lane

Michelle Pfeiffer with Shoulder Length hair

Michelle Pfeiffer

Sally Field with Shoulder Length hair

Sally Field

Nothing is more classic than the simple medium length cut. It’s easy to maintain, never goes out of style, and can be worn in many different ways. You can add a bang to it, wear it curly, keep it all one length, or add in some layers. Another great thing about the classic medium hairstyle is that it works great for creating simple or intricate updos, from a ponytail to a French twist.

The classic medium length cut works well on everyone, no matter your age or hair texture. You can work with your stylist to create a cut that suits your style, your hair, and your lifestyle.

Deep Side Part

Glenn Close with a Deep Side Part

Glenn Close

Martha Stewart with a Deep Side Part

Martha Stewart

Kim Basinger with a Deep Side Part

Kim Basinger

Can a simple part change the look of your medium length hairstyle? Absolutely, especially if it is a deep, or heavy side sweep bang. Not only can it cover up those little fine lines on your forehead, but it’s also a very sexy and sophisticated way to wear your hair. The deep side part/bang can also add volume to your hair and give your face a bit of a lift. This type of bang works really well with medium length hair, because it can be worn with a more straight style, or with a curly or layered cut. It really does give your look a modern je ne sais quoi.

Be sure to talk to you stylist about creating a deep side part that works best for your face shape and hair texture.

Medium Bob

Christine Baranski with a Long Bob

Christine Baranski

Meg Ryan with a Long Bob

Meg Ryan

Olivia Newton John with a Long Bob

Olivia Newton John

The medium bob is a great alternative if you like the idea of a bob, but not the bangs. The medium length bob is also great for covering up thinning hair, which tends to occur around the crown, especially as you age. This style can be cut in piecey layers to give your hair more volume, texture and bounce. You can also wear it straight, and simple for a classic, sophisticated look.

With wavy, spiral curls making such a huge comeback, the medium bob is the ideal cut for wearing this trend. All you need is a conical curling iron, or even a flat iron, and some texturized spray to create this on wavy style.

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