Must Have Hair Styling Products

Must Have Styling Products

Must Have Styling Products


Being a professional Cosmetologist, I often get asked the question, “does it matter what type of products I use in my hair?” My answer is YESSSSS!!!!  I stress this, because it is very important that you are not only using quality products, but the right type of products. When styling your hair, it is important to select products according your your hair type and texture. Different hair textures require different kinds of products, if you have thin hair then you will need to use thickening products to build body and volume. If you have thick, frizzy hair then you want smoothing products.  Make sure that you do your research before buying hair care products, read the reviews, check out the item description, follow the directions on the label and ask your stylist questions.

Keep in mind the importance of buying quality hair products as well. There is a reason, hair stylists recommended that you use professional, name brand products. One of my favorites is Rusk. They are very affordable but still utilize state of the art technology. Their specialists are continually reformulating and testing these products to guarantee the best results. Below are a few of my favorites:






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