Month 1 of Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Month 1

Pregnancy Month 1


Welcome to the first month of pregnancy, where your baby, currently known as a zygote, will grow about 10,000 times since its conception.

During the first month your little zygote will travel from the fallopian tubes to the fetus, before forming into a cluster of cells. Once the cluster of cells makes it way into the uterus for implantation, it will then begin to develop into an embryo. Towards the end of the 1st month of pregnancy your fetus will have a beating heart, tiny lung buds, the beginnings of a liver, gastrointestinal system, central nervous system, and arms and legs buds.

While your baby is going through so many changes, your body is also starting to change. You may feel more bloated or swollen, and your breasts may begin to feel and look bigger. Besides becoming bigger, breast tenderness will increase and your areolas will start to darken. You may also experience nausea and dizziness, in addition to being more fatigued and having increased vaginal secretions.


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