Month 8 of Your Pregnancy

Month 8 of Your Pregnancy

Month 8 of Your Pregnancy


In the 8th month of pregnancy your baby is gaining weight like crazy, about a half a pound per week. To prepare for labor, your baby will also move into a head down position, where they will stay until they are born. Although space inside the womb has grown tight, your baby will still be moving around, at times with extreme amounts of energy, but this will diminish as the month grows to a close.

Almost all of your baby’s organs are completely developed, with the exception of the lungs, which are not fully formed. In addition to a having sleeping and waking cycles, your baby can also cry, hiccup, taste sweet or sour, and respond to stimuli.

In the 8th month of your pregnancy, you will feel even more clumsy and off balance, as your belly grows even bigger. As your baby twists and turns, more pressure will be placed on your uterus and bladder, which will cause increased heartburn and frequent trips to the bathroom to pee. Your blood pressure may start to rise, and swelling in your feet and hands will increase. Be sure to take it easy and get as much rest as possible.

Your Braxton Hicks contractions will continue to be more frequent as you get closer and closer to your delivery date. In addition to your back aching, you may also feel aches or pressure in your pelvis where your baby is pressing against your nerves and as your joints begin to soften in preparation for labor. Your breathing will become less labored as your baby moves down towards your pelvis.

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