How to do a Pedicure at Home

How to do a Pedicure at Home

How to do a Pedicure at Home


With the cost of professionally done pedicures on the rise, why pay someone for something you can easily do yourself. Follow our step-by-step guide for the perfect at-home pedicure to get your feet sandal-ready in no time at all!


Step 1.

Soak Your Feet

Soaking your feet helps soften dry and callused skin for easy removal. Fill a large bucket, a foot bath or your tub with warm water. Add a foot soak, bath salts, or mild soap and let your your feet soak for 5-10 minutes, then dry your feet off.

Soaking Feet for a Pedicure


Step 2.

Scrub Your Feet

Now that the skin is softens we need to scrub off the dry skin. Using a pumice stone or foot file, scrub the bottoms of your feet to smooth rough areas and dead skin. Focus on the heals and balls.

Scrubing Feet for a Pedicure



Step 3.

Trim & File Nails

Using toenail clippers trim your nail straight across, making sure to cut each nail evenly and being careful not to cut them too short. Then file them smooth with a nail file by position the file directly under the nail and filing very softly. I recommend avoiding overly round shapes as they can lead to ingrown toenails.

File Nails for a Pedicure



Step 4.

Buff Your Nails

After clipping and filing follow with a nail buffer. Lightly go over nails to buff, polish and shine.

Buff Nail for a Pedicure


Step 5.

Cuticle Care

Apply a cuticle oil, massage it into your nail beds and let it sit for a few minutes. Then with a cuticle pusher, gently push the cuticle back down at the base of the nail bed.

Cuticle Care for a Pedicure



Step 6.

Base Coat & Nail Polish

Wipe your nails with a polish remover to remove any substances left behind and then apply a base coat. Once dry apply two coats of your desired nail polish. The finish with top coat.

Base Coat and Polish


Make Your Pedicure Last

Now that your feet are freshly manicured, it’s just about maintenance! I recommend applying a clear top coat every three days and cuticle oil at the base of your toe nails, focusing around the cuticle area to hydrated and bring moisture into the skin. Also moisturize your feet regularly to hydrate the heals and help prevent cracking.

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