How To Do A Simple Side Braid

Simple Side Braid

Simple Side Braid

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Step 1.

Prepare Your Hair

Brush or comb out your hair to remove any tangles. For a chic yet beachy look, evenly distribute a styling mousse through your hair. then finger-tousle hair for added fullness.

Simple Side Braid Step 1


Step 2.

Part Your Hair

It is really up to you where you want to part your hair but because the side braid is asymmetrical, parting it to one side is a popular choice and what I usually do. Other options are middle, zig-zag, diagonal or no part at all.

Simple Side Braid Step 2
Step 3.

Gather Your Hair

Now, gather all of your hair to one side. If you went with the side part, pull your hair to the opposite side of the part. If desired now is the time to tug a few shorter strands out of the bunch to frame and soften your face.

Simple Side Braid Step 3


Step 4.

Section The Bunch

Divide the large section into three equal pieces.

Simple Side Braid Step 4
Step 5.

Began Braiding

Starting braiding right underneath your ear.

Braiding Directions
  • Cross the right section and cross it over to the middle.
  • Then cross the left section over the middle section, which was the right before the cross.
  • Repeat the process, cycling through all three strands.
Simple Side Braid Step 5


Step 6.

Finish the Braid

Stop the braid at your desired length and secure the end with a rubber band. It is best to stop before you get past shorter stands as the will began sticking out of the sides of the braid.

Simple Side Braid Step 6


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