Third trimester of pregnancy… What to expect?

Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Question: Third trimester of pregnancy… What to expect?
The third trimester of pregnancy, also known as the last trimester of pregnancy, brings along many changes to your body. While you might be in the home stretch, your body is continuing to expand and grow, which means more swelling and more backaches.

In addition to gaining more weight, your breasts will also grow in size, and a yellowish liquid may leak from your nipples. This is the fluid your baby will need for nourishment once it is born. Vaginal discharge also increases during your last trimester, as your body prepares for labor.

Spotting is also a possibility, and should it occur, you should contact your doctor immediately to rule out pre-term labor or placenta previa. Some women also experience Braxton Hicks contractions, as your body begins to prepare for delivery. Sometimes these contractions can lead to real labor contractions.

Carrying a baby is no easy task, which is why you will feel slower, have difficulty catching your breath, and feel more fatigued during the last few months. Your breathing will get easier as your baby begins to move down towards your pelvis. You may also experience bursts of energy during your nesting phase, as you feel the need to prepare for your baby’s upcoming arrival. Unfortunately, constipation, heartburn, and frequent urination, will continue during this last trimester as well.


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