Titanium or Ceramic Flat Iron… What is the difference?

Ceramic vs Titanium Flat Iron

Ceramic vs Titanium Flat Iron


Question: Titanium or Ceramic Flat Iron… What is the difference?
Ceramic flat irons work by producing negative ions, which helps neutralize damaged hair, so that the hair shaft remains smooth and hair follicles remain closed. This technology ensures your hair doesn’t become damaged and dry from the high heat produced by the flat iron. Also ceramic has the ability to evenly distribute the heat across the plates preventing damaging hot spots and producing better, more consistent styling results.

Flat irons that use titanium are not only stronger and lighter than other styling tools, up to 40% lighter; they are also the smoothest styling surface available. Because of its smooth surface, titanium straighteners rarely snag or pull your hair like other materials. Also, like ceramic, they retain and distribute heat well, which means you’ll spend less time styling your hair. But, you don have to be careful with Titanium because it transfers heat to the hair more efficiently, which if you not cautious, can cause damage to hair’s cuticle. Titanium also helps to reduce frizz and damage caused by constant styling.


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