How To Blow Dry Your Hair

How to Blow Dry Hair

How to Blow Dry Hair

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The key to the perfect blow out is proper technique. If done incorrectly your hair’s structure may be damaged resulting in dry, brittle locks with split ends. You want to be as gentle on your hair as possible. The following steps will help you blow-dry your hair like a pro while maintaining healthy hair.

Step 1.

Wash & Condition

I recommend using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for added hydration and protection from the heat of the blow dryer. Allow the conditioner to sit on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing.

Washing Hair


Step 2.

Towel Dry

Then, towel dry your hair just enough to stop the dripping. Avoid using an aggressive rubbing motion as the friction can cause split ends, frizz and generally does a lot of damage. Instead, simply wrap a towel around your hair and squeeze or use a dabbing or patting action to absorb most of the moisture.

Towel Dry Hair


Step 3.

Apply Product

First, gently detangle your hair with a wide toothed comb or cushion brush and then apply your desired styling aid, making sure to evenly distribute it throughout your hair.

Styling products are key to the perfect blowout but you need to make sure you are using the right products for your hair type.

If you have fine, limp hair you want to build body and lift so use a thickening cream or volumizing mousse.

For those with thick, curly hair you want a product that tames frizz and smooths, try a straightening cream or a smoothing serum.

Detangling Hair


Step 4.

Thermal Protection

Then apply a thermal protectant (if you used product I recommend a spray formula otherwise any will do). These help protect your hair from the harmful effects of blow drying.  Some of these products not only protect your hair but they also infuse your hair with vitamins.

Apply Thermal Protection


Step 5.

Pre-dry Hair

I like to pre-dry my hair before sectioning. To do this gently tousle and lift your hair with your fingers while blow drying until 75% dry.

Pre-Dry hair
Step 6.

Section Hair

Separate your hair into 4-8 sections depending on your hair length and thickness and secure on top of your head on in mini buns with clips or rubber bands. I like starting at the nape, then moving up to the back of my head, then around the sides and finishing with the top and bangs. Leave out your starting section.

Section Hair Before Blow Drying


Step 7.

Begin Blow Drying

Start drying your first section at the roots holding the hair dryer 6 inches from your scalp. Direct the airflow downwards and always keep the hair dryer moving to avoid causing cuticle damage and frizz.

Blow Drying Hair

Smooth & Sleek

For a smooth, sleek outcome, run a paddle brush underneath your hair starting at the root and point the airflow at the brush from the top. Move both the brush and hair dryer together down the hair shaft. Repeat to each section until 90% dry.
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Blow Drying with a Paddle Brush

Volume & Body

For volume use the same technique but with a round brush. As you more down the section of hair roll the brush away from your head. Repeat to each section until 90% dry.
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Blow Drying Hair Using a Round Brush
Step 8.

Finish With Cold Shot

Once all sections are dry. Blow your hair with the cold shot while gently brushing your hair or de-tangle it with your fingers. This will lock in your shine and close the cuticle.

Finish Blow Drying with Cold Shot




Use A Quality Hair Dryer

Thankfully, the latest dryer technology has made damaging blow dryers a relic of the past.  I recommend purchasing a blow dryer with least 1800 watts, multiple heat / speed setting, a cool shot button, nozzle attachments and ceramic technology.

Gradually Reduce The Heat

When drying wet hair use the highest heat setting, then reduce the heat as your hair dries.  Never have the blow dryer heat setting higher than you really need!

Limit Your Use

It is not recommended to use a hair dryer every day. Even with perfect technique, the right tools and products, it is still harmful to your hair.  To be safe try to use no more than 4 times a week.

Ionic Technology

Ionic dryers emit negatively charged ions which cause the cuticle to remain flat trapping in moisture, which reduces frizz.

Don’t Brush to Soon

Wait until your hair is slightly damp rather than wet to start using a brush.  The pulling caused by the brush is very damaging to wet hair.

Maintain Moisture

Blow drying your hair is very dehydrating so it is recommended to do a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep your hair strong and healthy.  This will also reduce static frizz.

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