Treatments for Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair Treatments

Thinning Hair Treatments


Hair thinning and/or loss can be one of the most frustrating situations any man or woman can go through! If you are at the point where you are in the early stages of hair loss, then there are ways to help halt the progression and even stop it from furthering.

By just making a few lifestyle changes, your health and hair will be on a new road to recovery! I am excited to share this information with you and I wish you all the luck in the world during this time!


Avoid Stress

Stress is an enemy to our body and can cause severe harm and damage and will slowly make you sick resulting in many different medical problems, including hair loss. Try to take a deep breath, you are in charge of your life and you need to make the right decisions to make life less stressful. Do something you enjoy and take aside some time to relax such as yoga, working out, getting a massage, taking a walk, watching a movie etc.


Eat Right

The average American’s diet is awful! We consume too many processed foods and zapping out all the nutrients in food by popping everything in the microwave. We need to get back to the basics and start cooking homemade food! Organic and fresh are always the best choices! If you can afford beer and Doritos, then you can afford organic! Remember it’s all about choices and priorities! You must get veggies and fruit into your daily routine!


The supplements listed below have been known to help stop hair thinning.

  • Vitamin A:  Helps with cell growth. It is very important not to over supplement vitamin A
  • Vitamin B & C:  Are both very important to the health of your hair!
  • Biotin:  Biotin will help restore the nutrients that you may be deficient in.
  • Zinc:   About 15 milligrams of Zinc should help.
  • Iron:  Sometimes an iron deficiency will result in the thinning of hair so make sure you are taking a supplement or eating your spinach!


Use Natural Hair Products

It is very important that you stay away from products that are full of chemicals. Look for natural or organic alternatives but make sure to look over all the ingredients, many things claim to be natural but indeed are not!



Massaging your scalp increases blood circulation which helps the blood vessels will open up to maximize their nutrient absorption. When massaging the scalp, use olive oil or aloe Vera gel to keep the scalp clean and hydrated!

Hair Building Fibers

If you are experiencing hair that is thinning and you would like a topical product that will help to fill in the noticeable thinning or balding spots then you need to try Toppik or XFusion!  These products are applied to the scalp and bond to your hair and do not come off until you shampoo it.  I highly recommend that you research these products as they work wonders for the hair.

Hair Building Fibers

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