How to untangle hair?

How to Untangle Hair

How to Untangle Hair


Question: How to untangle hair?
One of the best ways to keep your hair from getting tangled is to always use conditioner. Sometimes, even the best-conditioned hair can become tangled or matted from sleeping, styling or being wind blown. By following a few steps, you can remove the tangles without having to get the scissors out.

First, apply a detangler, conditioner or hair oil to the tangled area. Next, use your fingers to try and loosen the tangle. Holding the hair with one hand closer to the scalp, while using the other to remove the tangle, will reduce stress to the scalp. Once you have the tangle somewhat loosened, use a comb to finish removing the tangle. Continue to comb all the hair out to make sure the tangle is completely gone. Always start by combing the hair at the bottom and then work your way up to the top. This should help to untangle your hair in a more efficient manner.

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