Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Hairstyle Unique

Unique Wedding Day Hairstyles

Unique Wedding Day Hairstyles


One of those most important days in a woman’s life is the day of her wedding. It’s the day where she wants to look her absolute best and to surprise her husband to be by looking breathtakingly gorgeous. Choosing a hairstyle on this day is one of the most challenging aspects of creating a bride’s overall look. If a bride wants to go for unique looking hair for the big day, here are some ideas to consider.


Wearing A Tiara

Wedding tiaras are one of the hottest ways to dress up bridal hairstyles. They are made to look very beautiful and elegant. Whatever your taste may be, there is a tiara style for you, and you can even get them custom made if you like.

Wedding Tiaras


Adding Extensions

Many women go for hair extensions to add extra length or volume to their hair for their wedding day. You can usually get them at a salon. Let them know what look you want and they will match your hair color and put them in for you.

Wedding Hair Extensions

Hair Accessories

There are so many different kinds of hair accessories made specifically for wedding hairstyles to choose from. Clips, bows, flowers, chains, headbands, etc. Take some time to look around to get some ideas. Pinterest usually has great photos of women wearing wedding hair accessories.

Wedding Hair Accessories


Intricate Styling

If a simple up-do isn’t going to cut it for you, there are plenty of ways to get complicated yet so beautiful with your hairstyle for your wedding day. If you aren’t doing it yourself, make sure to look around to figure out what you want and show a photo and tutorial for the stylist.

Intricate Wedding Hairstyle

Hair Coloring

If you want a bit of a unique look for your wedding day, think about trying a different shade of hair color. It’s not typically suggested that you take the risk with changing your color dramatically but a shade or two lighter or darker will look a little different yet still look like you. You might want to go for some highlights or low lights if you don’t want to do a full coloring. Consult with a colorist to determine what would look great on you.

Wedding Hair Color Change


It all boils down to experimentation. Try on different things in advance to figure out what kind of look you want with your hair. Whatever you decide to do with your hair, you can bet that your husband will find you as gorgeous as ever.

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