Wedding Dress Styles to Complement Your True Nature

Wedding Dress Styles

Wedding Dress Styles


The story goes that a white haired gentleman was watching an elegant couple standing on the graceful curving staircase of a reception hall, having their pictures taken. He was heard to exclaim, “Who is that lovely bride?” A fellow wedding guest sputtered back at him, “Stanley, that’s your daughter!”

It seems unbelievable that a father would not recognize his own child on the day of her wedding, but this is a true story. So we ask ourselves, how can this be?

For that ultra special day of her wedding, many women choose a wedding dress that they believe will make them look glamorous, sophisticated and opulent. And that’s okay, if that’s your true nature; if those words define you as you truly are.

But, if you are a farm gal, more concerned about the temperature of the goat’s milk to produce your famous goat’s milk cheese, being glamorous may not be on your bucket list. But, have no fear! There are wedding gowns which will dazzle the matrimonial partner that will be perfect for you. A wedding gown that speaks to your true personality. The trick is to find a style that flatters and still remains spot-on to who you are, as an individual. An honest wedding dress.

Let’s start with the various wedding dress silhouettes.


The A-line is a more traditional cut, fitted on the top with a skirt that flares out at the base. Popular in the 1950’s, this retro look is making a strong come-back. A trim, ladylike and genteel silhouette, this style can still be extremely sexy and elegant. This fashionable cut also hides what you may want to cover up in a beautiful and tasteful manner.

A-Line Wedding Dress


Empire Waist

The empire waist. A gorgeous cut for a very specific body type. For a slender, lean and willowy figure, this is cut high under the bust and drapes gracefully downwards from there. If this is you, there are some amazing wedding dresses that will make you think of a Midsummer’s Night Dream, or Jane Austen. Almost fairy-like in nature. A charming choice. A few flowers woven into your hair and light make-up (and a Hollywood smoke machine) and you’ll look like you just walked out of a dream.

>Empire Waist Wedding Dress



This wedding dress is only for brides with va-va-va in their voom! Tight, nipped and tucked in everywhere until we reach the knees, (you do have to walk down the aisle, don’t you)? Then a flare out of fabric in the shape of a fish tail. The true “wow” wedding dress. Caution: if you’ve got it, go ahead and flaunt it, otherwise resort to another silhouette that makes you look beautiful and reflects your true nature.

Mermaid Wedding Dress



The sheath wedding dress is a fitted, long look. This slim-fitting style is the epitome of a sleek, sexy design. With its long, straight, body-hugging lines, a sheath wedding gown is as versatile as it is beautiful and has few limitations. The silhouette is best for a slender figure and has the ability to make the bride appear taller.

Sheath Wedding Dress


Ball Gown

The ball gown wedding dress is all Cinderella and yards of fabric for the big, voluminous skirt. Featuring a dramatic contrast of a fitted bodice with a stunning full skirt, the silhouette is all about drama and the princess effect. The ball gown is a very forgiving design and i perfect for those who may look to conceal any lower-body concerns. A tiara is a must have accessory with this choice.




Many wedding dresses available today are strapless. If you have flappy under arms, (is there any nice way to say that?), there are many gorgeous options that include lovely, delicate lace sleeves.



If you are a history person, or simply admire the many dresses shown today that reference the styles of years gone by, perhaps a vintage wedding dress is for you. You can choose styles created by today’s designers that have an Art Deco or 1920’s flapper charm, or you may want to seek out the real thing. If you are looking for total authenticity, remember, flappers rouged their knees! The retro 1950’s look is also hot and this silhouette of a fitted bodice with full skirt looks stylish on most figures.

Vintage Wedding Dress


Beach weddings are all the rage today, with many brides opting for a more casual atmosphere for their wedding ceremony. What could be more informal than barefoot?! Many beach wedding dresses have bathing suit details; possibly a halter top, nature themed embroideries, sheer cottons instead of heavy silks and a more relaxed, flowing profile.

Beach Wedding Dress


Wedding day make-up is just as important as the dress. You may want to decide to invest in the talents of a professional make-up artist for your special day. Be sure to have a practice session a week or two before hand. If you normally wear light make-up on a daily basis, have your best features highlighted without going too heavy. If you typically are more generous with your make-up, go ahead and add professionally crafted smoky eyes to your look. You still want to look like you, only better.

Let your genuine nature shine through and you will be a truly beautiful bride!

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