How to Lighten Dark Lips

How to Lighten Your Lips

How to Lighten Your Lips

If you have a darker complexion, you may also have darker lips. However, smoking and poor diet can also lead to darkening of the lips. Before you consider more costly procedures to lighten your lips, try a few at home remedies first.

A favorite natural remedy popular in India is a mixture of milk and turmeric. The natural whitening power of milk, combined with the antioxidant properties in turmeric can help lighten your lips. Combine the two ingredients into a powder and then apply with a toothbrush. Let the paste sit on your lip for a few minutes before exfoliating it off with the same toothbrush. Within a few weeks, you should start to see results. If you don’t have turmeric available, you can also use sugar and butter to create the same effect.

For overnight treatments, try lemon juice or honey. Massage honey or lemon juice onto your lips every night before bed for a few weeks until you see your lips begin to lighten.

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