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Modern Organic Products

Modern Organic Products

In a world where there is an over use of chemicals, pollutants and harmful ingredients comes a respected hair care line that holds its reputation by using the highest quality organic and food derived ingredients to formulate there products.   This brand is known as, Modern Organic Products. MOP values the importance of natural hair care. They have formulated their products to hydrate, nourish and offer protection to each and every strand of hair restoring back to its original healthy state making it safe for you, your home and environment.

If you are experiencing dry, dull or damaged hair then the hair care products you are using may be causing severe damage to your hair. It has become almost custom that we Americans Shampoo our hair everyday, this causes us to remove the very important natural oils our hair requires to be healthy!

Hair care and styling products are manufactured with a long list of chemicals that act as foaming agents, preservatives, modifiers, foam boosting agents and fragrance ect. We are taught to associate a shampoo that foams with cleansing, when in reality shampoos do not need to foam to clean. I never really thought about hair products being dangerous for my hair, let alone my health. Modern Organic Products will lift the worries from your shoulders and start using a safer hair care line!!! Make the switch today!
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MOP was established in 1998 and has been a favorite among professional stylists and their clients.  More and more people are concerned about their health and are choosing a more natural regimen.  Modern Organic Products uses state of the art technology that turns the nutrients from food into food for your hair.  Thanks to MOP we have professional option at an affordable price.

Product Suggestions


Additional Steps to Restore Your Hair’s Health


  1. Shampoo Your Hair 1-2 Times a Week: I stress this one because if you take a look around you will see so many women with weak, damaged hair. Our hair requires the natural oils to penetrate all the way from the roots to the ends. If we shampoo our hair everyday, we are not allowing the natural oils to make there way down the strand. This is especially crucial for naturally curly hair. If you are able, try to make your hairstyle last for two to three days. If you do need to shower everyday, then try a conditioning rinse. A conditioning rinse is when you use only conditioner on your hair, scrub your scalp just like you were using a shampoo but only with a conditioner.
  2. Minimize Product Use: If you cut back on the amount of styling products then you will minimize the build up on your hair allowing it to last longer. Try to use products only on special occasions, work meetings or date nights.
  3. Deep Condition Weekly: Until you notice your hair feeling better, I recommend that you deep condition once a week. This will help keep the porosity of your hair balanced and insure your hair is getting the correct nutrients it desires. MOP Extreme Moisture is a great choice.
  4. Minimize the Use of Thermal Appliances: Oh man, this is a biggie! Please limit the use of flat irons, hot rollers, curling irons and blow dryers. If you absolutely need to use any of these tools make sure you keep the heat settings as low as possible!!
  5. Use Coated Pony Tail Holders: If you are pulling your hair back, make sure you are using pony tail holders that have a coating of protection! This will help prevent damage, tangling and breakage.

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