Rusk Shining Sheen and Movement Myst Review

Rusk Shining Myst Review

Rusk Shining Myst Review


Is your hair looking a little dull or need a little pick me up?  If so, then you need to try the most incredible shine product I have ever used.  It’s called Rusk Shining Sheen and Movement Myst.

Shining by Rusk is a product that you can use on wet or dry hair, it not only offers you brilliant shine but it enhances your hair’s color and protects your hair against sun and wind damage. The myst is extremely lightweight and leaves your hair soft and silky unlike other shine products like drops or serums which tend to weight your hair down and leave it oily. Apply it before a blow out to reduce your hair drying time or simply spray it on your finished style for instant sheen. I have tried almost every shine product on the market and not one compares

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