Lipstick Colors For Skin Tone

Lipstick For Skin Tone

Lipstick For Skin Tone

Lipsticks, personally, help me feel more “put together” and pretty. I know many women who will not even leave the house with out it on. But, it is very important that you choose the right hue for your skin tone. Shades that complement your complexion will enhance and leave you looking radiant but shades that don’t leave you looking pale or washed out.

Skin Tone Diagram

Lipstick For Fair To Light Skin

Wear shades that have pink undertones such as nudes, pinks, peaches, berries, and mauves. Bright shades look great because they contrast your skin but make sure not to over do it.

Lipstick for Fair Skin Tone


Lipstick For Olive Skin

Use light browns with warm tones, dark brownish-reds or flush colors like plums or raspberry. Be careful not to wash out and avoid bright pinks or orange-reds.

Lipstick for Olive Skin


Lipstick For Medium Skin

You look best in warmer shades with yellow/golden undertones. Try golds, corals and oranges.

Lipstick for Medium Skin


Lipstick For Dark Skin

With dark skin you can go one of two ways, golden brown undertones or warmer with red undertones. Try deep reds with blue or purple tones or deep reddish-browns. Avoid pinks or orange-reds.

Lipstick for Dark Skin Tone

Product Suggestions

Besides the standard the fair, light, olive, medium and dark, you can classify skin by warm or cool. This is determined on whether there is a yellow or pink hue to the skin. There are many methods to determine your skin tone but my favorite is the vein test. Take a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they are blue, you’re likely a cool skin tone. If they are more greenish, than you’ve got yellow undertones making you a warm skin tone. Other methods to determine your skin tone.

Lipstick For Cool Skin Tones

You can brighten your complexion by selecting shades with a blue-based pigment but avoid neutral colors to prevent looking washed out. Try reds, magentas, berries, mauves, pinks, rose and coffee brown.


Lipstick For Warm Skin Tones

You look best in earth toned colors or berries and mauves. Try caramel, rich browns, corals, orange and yellow based reds, deep burgundy, wines and mauves. Stay away from light shades like bright pinks and browns.

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